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Happy as a clam in Ireland This John Mayer song feels like 2020 so far, so I’m borrowing the title for this post!  Even if I had the intention to keep this blog up and running while everything around me was a complete mess…it didn’t happen! I hope you can understand: leaving what had been […]

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If you read my previous post, then you know my anxiety-filled struggle after leaving a certain red hat airline. In the past few weeks, many people I know have lost their jobs, and the others who haven’t are worried about the possibility of losing theirs, too.  This brings other worries: what am I going to […]

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If you’re here, then you probably read my Facebook post about me leaving (or was it me being asked to leave?) the airline I’ve worked for almost 10 years, and it was more of a love letter to my peers than anything else. I’ll be honest: it was not the initial intention.  Truth is, I […]

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