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Introduction to budgeting your living expenses in Dubai Even if I believe “The city of Gold” is the place to be (hello!: excellent cuisine, mesmerizing architecture, and gorgeous beaches), the biggest setback is: living expenses in Dubai!  But, not to fear! With the proper planning, you can live a comfortable life and still enjoy yourself. […]

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Mindful Nomad Digital Marketing

If becoming a digital nomad has been a dream of yours: there are plenty of jobs for digital nomads that can make your wish come true!  Most people think that whoever can be location independent can do so because they have a friendly employer who tells them it’s cool to travel while on the payroll. […]

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If you are wondering what Dubai is famous for, the answer is: many things! But I can tell you: if you dream of sandy beaches and luxurious hotels, then Dubai is definitely the place for you.  Far from being a laid-back hippie-ish vacation, when you come to Dubai, you are in for a treat: a […]

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