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I'M veronica

Hey there! i'm veronica, 
Digital Nomad & Blogger.

After a 10 year-long romance with aviation, working for one of the most prestigious airlines in the world (based in the Middle-East), 
 I've taken my lifelong obsession with traveling and combined it with my passion for tech, to create the life and career of my dreams!

Losing my job in 2020, meant that I needed to create a job that would sustain my nomad lifestyle, which meant I needed to travel and work at the same time.
That's how I started work as a Social Media Manager and ended up founding a Digital Marketing Agency: Social Nomads.

But what you get in return is so rich that it's well worth it!
Having an online business has been what allowed me to live my dream life, and I aspire to help female entrepreneurs to have businesses that are aligned with them and allow them to live the independent life they long for.

believe me: You can have the life you dream of!follow along for the best digital nomad tips!

Hey there! I'm Veronica born in Uruguay, raised in the United States and citizen of the world!

Creating an online business wasn't easy! It was (and still is) challenging. 

That's why my mission is to help every woman who wants to explore other cultures, live freely and mindfully to do just that!

In this blog I share every single tip I learned from all my years traveling, as a tech entrepreneur, and mindfulness junkie.

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