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Emirates flight attendant salary

How My Aviation Career Helped Me Launch my Remote Business

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  1. Sally says:

    I’m sorry that the office staff didn’t understand how your experience would translate to their work environment. More employers need to realize that the skills and experience of others from different fields can absolutely bring new ideas and expertise to their own!

  2. Kiyomi says:

    Loved this read!! Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. […] becoming a digital nomad was the natural next step for me! (click here to read how I used my previous experience as a flight attendant to start my online business!). That […]

  4. […] For reference, my only experience of sickness abroad happened while working as a flight attendant for Emirates.  […]

  5. […] I learned so many things on my job as a flight attendant that I still use today as a remote business owner. So naturally, when I switched over to remote work, I knew communication would be important and would come with its challenges, too.  […]

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