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If you're anything like me: you've caught the travel bug and there is no turning back!

Being able to work from anywhere in the world and live wherever I wanted to for as long as I wanted to, was a real dream of mine during the ten years I worked in the corporate world. 

Now, I get to travel whenever to wherever I want as long as I carry my laptop with me!

Ready to be location independent?

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From travel guides, to female-solo traveling tips, find everything from across the globe!



A wellness journey around the world! Check out wellness guides in all cities, to make sure you stay fit & healthy in your travels.



Get resources, recommendations and tips on how to become a digital nomad, remote jobs and digital marketing.

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carolina p.

I had no idea where to go with my content. Now I'm feeling confident when posting and more motivated to use my Instagram more.
It was so challenging to find time to create content and make things look cohesive, this basically made me feel stressed and not wanting to use social media. Now everything is ready for me! - @caropereyramaquillaje

“Veronica created a strategy that fits just right with me and my brand! "

Before our Intensives, my business' Instagram was all over the place! I Recommend the Intensives especially if you want to be stress free and have a pro's help. -@theholydressing

“Veronica will  be able to understand your needs and guide you towards the right solution!”

cynthia a.

I put my business' account in her hands and I know that the content will be aligned with my brand. I saw a follower growth that was targeted, and I realized that was the case when my sales started to increase.
I am so happy that my brand's social media is what I wanted both creatively and aesthetically! - @principedelicatessen

“Veronica is so confident and professional! I loved that all content is always aligned with my brand."

daiana s.

I had so many mental blocks around creating videos for my brand, but after our intensive that changed! I have a ridiculously high level of pride and achievement.-@stellaandthestars

“I had 10k views on my second Reel following Veronica's tips and hacks. There's no way I could have done this without her”

emilie j.

Veronica taught us how to truly listen to our clients, and create content that would resonate with them. She opened up our minds regarding our audience and now we are confident we can create the content that our audience actually wants to see! She is so professional and knowledgeable. - @madajotejidos

“Veronica grew my account from 27k to 32k in less than 3 months!"

macarena l.

I felt very supported, listened to and understood by Veronica, it's like our thoughts were aligned. The quality and aesthetic of my content is just right. You'll get so much understanding & knowledge from her! - @nutricionsimpleuy

“Thanks to Veronica's strategy and tips I have more followers, engagement and more clients!”

carolina s.